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Location : Gujarat College, Ahmedabad

Area       : 2,900 sqft


A branch of Hotel 440 group, this interior project started out with a simple layout, but turned challenging in terms of the ceiling design. With merely 7’4” beam bottom height, the possibility of a false ceiling even at beam-height was ruled out. The ceiling design was thus developed as an pattern of alternating vacuum formed square modules - acrylic modules for lighting and opaque POP modules covering the ceiling. This alternating pattern also helps in camouflaging the strong beam grid.


The second challenge posed was to utilise the structural column that was right in the centre of the hall.  The column is enveloped by a furniture element that acts both as a storage element and the plate counter. Designed in veneer and corian the furniture highlights the column.


The light marble flooring is also continued as a wall finish, and uniformity along with the lighter shade gives a perception of a bigger space. The stage area and the buffet counters are highlighted through a change in wall claddings. The stage has a backlit wall cladding derived from the ceiling pattern, and the buffet counter is enveloped in by a shade darker than the rest of the banquet – with black mirror wall finish and wooden ceiling. In the uniform design, these two areas stand out highlighted by the accents in the surface finish.



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