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Alpine Restaurant and Banquet

Location : Ashram Road, Ahmedabad

Area       :  sqft

The interior design of this two storey restaurant takes inspiration from Arabic fonts and employs CNC milling technique for customised wall claddings. The ground floor is designed with a lighter colour palette, with the false ceiling designed as white POP vaults that contain the ceiling fans. The furniture pieces in wood and black contrast with the lighter surface finishes.


The first floor contrarily has a darker palette with wood and dark grey wall claddings contrasting with the olive green and beige upholstery. The ceiling is designed as a jigsaw of multiple elements, each derived from the characters of the Arabic script - Kufic. These ceiling elements also incorporate the lighting elements. Tessellating 3D surface patterns are used as accent in elements like doors, tables and even wall panels. These elements are derived through CNC milling of various materials like marble, birch ply and wood.

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