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Astik and Astik Associates

Location: Bhavnagar, Gujarat

Area      : 1,050 sqft

This interior project was an office for the Astik lawyers, and demanded a functional and contemporary office. As a part of the design concept, a large part of the interior elements were built using reused and repurposed materials. Hence, at times, rather than the conventional method of element determining the material, here the material dictated the element design.


One of the most important tasks was a design of the case file storage, for an easier and clutter-free functioning of the office. As the lawyer’s office is more concerned with the dates of the cases rather than the alphabetical order, the storage was devised in a manner of a calendar. A full length shelf covers the wall, with 31 numbered cabinets – one for each day of the month.


The large openings and windows use repurposed glass panels procured from Alang ship breaking yard. The office is thus, flushed with daylight. The office design largely uses repurposed wood, and bamboo for the solid surfaces, with the exception of veneer and laminates in certain element.


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