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Bon Homie Banquet

Location : Drive-In, Ahmedabad

Area       : 2,400 sq ft


This interior project was a partial renovation of the Bon Homie Restaurant and Banquet located in Ahmedabad. One of the main requirements of the client was the provision of a controlled extension of the banquet into the existing restaurant. For this, the 36 foot opening was camouflaged through the wall cladding of alternating wooden and mirror panels, spread over two adjacent walls. Here, the mirror panels not only serve as a break in the solid wood but also provide a visual continuation in the space.


Additionally, as the basic requirement of a banquet hall, the design had to express the grandeur of the space without overpowering it. The banquet is located on the first floor, making the ceiling the only element visible from the road side, and thus this element was highlighted through design. The ceiling is designed as a composition of wooden frames of different sizes. Each frame is a 3 dimensional loop, with one corner set in acrylic, acting as the light element. The acrylic members are introduced at the lowest corners of the loops such that the light isn’t mounted on the ceiling but rather is attached only to the frame. The gloss of the Italian Marble adds to the space, as the ceiling is reflected on the floor and the flushed wall lights shine through the opposite wall.


The colour palette chosen is delicate, with neutral shades of the marble and wood rendering the space a yet grandiose feel.



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