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Madinatul Ilm




A part of the Maktabah Jafariyah Academy, the Information Hub is not only a centre for internet access but also a conference room for singular events and meetings. The design employs parametric methods in derivation of the elements.

The design of the furniture is sleek and minimalist employing concealed grooves instead of external handles. The entire working surface is hence designed as a single ledge running in the space. A single circular conference table accentuates the centre of the space.  This table extends as a ledge towards the wall further branching in either direction along the peripheral walls in an octagon. The heart of the design is the ceiling. The ceiling was derived parametrically, growing outward from the centre in a Fibonacci sequence, built conversely to the existing roof structure. The centre of this structure is lit so as to focus the conference table. The floor is set in a monolithic black to prevent further division of the space due to floor lines.

The colour palette is a classic black & white combination portraying the formal atmosphere of the space. As the space is small, the colours are chosen so as to give a silent background for any seminars and presentations held.

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