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Located on one of Ahmedabad’s most popular streets, Food Inn Fine Dine design is inspired by the intricate jalis of Islamic architecture. The ornamentally printed double glass façade introduces the visitor to this style, with the use of metamorphosing designs derived from Girih Sazi patterns – Islamic decorative art consisting of geometric lines forming intricately interlaced strap work .

The planning of the restaurant unveils various seating designs which suit to the needs of every meeting ranging from open tables to private niches, for family dinners or meeting; and also holds a mocktail counter for a light drink. Diagonally positioned partitioned form niches that provide privacy without separation. The partitions are designed as intricate jalis of foam sheets, formed by CNC fabrication of a metamorphic pattern inspired from Islamic Patterns. The space is lit up with levels of concealed lights and two contemporary chandeliers. The chandelier is an array of acrylic blocks, shaped so as to look as a wave of illuminated squares. The back painted glass on the tables are ornamented by the reflections of the chandelier. The wooden tables each adorn a delicate filigree in the centre.

The colour palette chosen includes a cool grey upholstery and blue mirror as a contrast to the white partitions and walls. The warm white light and the brown of the wood balance the cool to give an overall nonchalant and calm atmosphere.



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