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Gloria Banquet

Location : Prahladnagar, Ahmedabad

Area       : 2,800 sqft

This interior project was the first stage of the Gloria Restaurant and Banquets’ renovation. Located in Prahaladnagar, one of the challenges was the design of the entrance stairway to the Banquet. The staircase opens in the middle of the space, creating a break in the space. The railing thus, was designed in a delicate combination of glass and slender wood structure it reduce the visual break in the space.   

The walls are finished in a combination of veneer and mirror which gives a balance of the sheen and solid. The mirror provides a visual continuation of space, while the veneer defines the end of the space.


The POP ceiling is designed as a monolith element with trapezoidal voids scooped out to hold the lighting. The columns are also finished in mirrors and veneer, and highlighted with horizontal plates with luminent edges.




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