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Hasan manzil

Location : Badarpur, Gujarat

Area       : 5,800 sqft 

This architectural project follows a similar program as the Najaf Manzil and required a single bungalow designed with two separate residences for two brothers. A staggered wall creates the sharing wall between the two houses allowing for larger rooms within the restricted span. A common vestibule leads to separate living rooms for the two residences. While one residence has a single height living room, the other residents were provided with double height as per their requirements.


Although a part of a single bungalow, the two residences were developed differently as per the separate needs and requirements of each family. Both residences are three bedroom houses with one bedroom on the ground floor and two more on the first floor. While one residence is provided with another kitchen on the first floor, the other has a larger master bedroom in place of an additional kitchen.


The contemporary interiors designed use the white shades of the walls and floor as the canvas with the furniture and interior elements in the foreground as the accents.



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