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Jafari Knowledge City

Location : Shekhpur, Gujarat

Area       : 29,100 sqft

This institutional project is a co-ed college designed as an arrangement of two blocks - a cylindrical block at the entrance that holds the administration, along with the library and auditorium, and a larger cuboidal block that holds the classrooms.


The cylindrical block acts as a separating element between two entrance pathways, each leading to an open area - one of which is dedicated to women. Although there aren’t strict demarcations, there are dedicated passageways for the boys and girls, along with separate entrances to the classrooms. The cylindrical block is designed as a series of fins that envelop the structure. The top of this block is chamfered, following the slant of the auditorium in the top floor.

The cuboidal block has three classrooms on each floor, enveloped by corridors on either side. Multiple windows on both sides of the classrooms provide ventilation and ample daylight. The structural columns are designed as fins kept at an angle so as to restrict the harsh sunlight while still keeping the corridor naturally lit.





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