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Jumma Masjid, Kesimpa

Location : Vadnagar, Gujarat

Area       : 42,200 sqft

The Jami mosque in Kesimpa is an exposed brick construction. An entrance on the side leads into the wazu khana, which occupies one-third of the site. The wazu khana is shaded with a tensile structure and sits on the main axis of the mosque. An archway from this space opens into an open ground, at the end of which sits the main prayer hall.

The main prayer hall is structured by load-bearing walls that create an open floor plan. Multiple archways are provided all along the three walls for entrance. The doors have been customised with CNC cut wooden jalis, and a frame that is shaped to follow the arch.

While the main prayer hall houses smaller prayers, in case of a larger group, the prayer is held out in the open ground. A minaret is also provided at each corner of the ground to be used for azaan.



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