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Maktabe Alaviya

Location : Velavapura, Gujarat

Area       : 10500 sqft

The Maktabeh Alviya is a primary school architectural project, where a prime requirement was that of an open space or a ground for the children. In such a small footprint, it was difficult to provide a conventional open to sky ground. Thus, the floors of the building were staggered so as to provide a double height ground area for the children, which would also be shaded, protecting them from the harsh sun.


The school is designed in three bays – the central bay reserved for the circulation passageways and stairways, the two bays on either side hold the classrooms. The library and the computer lab are located on the top floor, right above the children’s ground.


Climate was a major factor for design. The central bay is open on two sides allowing for ventilation along the longitudinal axis. Additionally, open to sky ceiling cut outs in this bay facilitates the hot air to rise up and escape. A water body is also provided on the ground floor to facilitate natural cooling of the space. The narrow openings on the exterior walls of the classrooms are provided within alcoves, to block the harsh sunlight and at the same time let in indirect light. In contrast to these narrow openings are the large windows towards the central passage bay, and this arrangement creates a suction effect, and thus keeps the classrooms naturally ventilated.





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