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Gloria Restaurant

Location : Prahladnagar, Ahmedabad

Area       : 2,350 sqft

This interior project is developed in the second stage of renovation of Gloria, where the first part was the renovation of Gloria Banquet. One of the requirements of the project was the provision of a smaller hall for the lunch time, to be opened up and expanded during the rush time in the evening. The entire restaurant is designed in parts that make up the whole, each part with a different design of surface treatments, lighting elements and table arrangement.


The approach staircase is flushed by the ceiling lights that are made up of rows of square panels, each row inclined at a steeper angle than the last. The staircase is separated from the restaurant area by a narrow vestibule with a receptions and the waiting area. Right in front of the staircase, across the vestibule, the central seating arrangements are highlighted with cuboidal lights elements on the ceiling and by a Persian tiled flooring. This central seating is divided into two by an openable partition that is closed during the lean hours. This partition may also act as a stage backdrop for smaller gatherings and parties.


Towards the sides of the first hall, individual light spheres hang above each table provide a softer focused light. The walls are cladded with an array of square cut stone pieces set in a wooden grid. Beyond the partition, backlit and cut bronze plates act as wall lighting elements. The ceiling has a levelled wooden panelling, made up of triangular pieces that give a pin-wheel effect. Individual wall lights illuminate the wooden walls, throwing light in a similar pinwheel pattern.


A variety is brought through various expressions of the same materials, the various parts of the restaurant form a harmonious whole.



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