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Royal Dine Banquet and Restaurant

Location : Pal RTO, Surat

Area       : 5,700 sqft

The Royal Dine interior project required designing two restaurants and a banquet, with a provision of combining the secondary restaurant with the banquet hall, for larger gatherings and occasions.


The banquet hall is designed in lighter shades with the buffet counter highlighted by a dark marble wall finish. The ceiling is designed in a profile of undulating stationary waves, formed by an array of thousands of cylindrical elements – each of a unique height. The grid is also reflected in the lighting design for the stage – an illuminated grid made of 4” circular backlit elements. One of the challenges while designing the banquet was the position of the two 40” x 40” columns in the centre of the space. The entire column has been clad with full length mirror, thus avoiding a break in the space and also giving a perception of continuity. The sliding – folding partition on the back opens completely, to combine the banquet with the secondary restaurant. The beam of this partition is clad with mirror, reflecting the ceiling design – again giving a perception of continuity.

360 view




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