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Utsav Hotel
Playfulness through Juxtaposition

Location : Bhattha, Paldi, Ahmedabad

Area       : 1,400 sqft

Utsav restaurant occupies a compact space in Shree Sahjanand Plaza. The main challenge of the design was to utilize the voids of the ceiling such that volume of the space can be extended and the ceiling can be visually lighter and not overbearing.

The design was such as to portray finesse. An approach taken was to maintain the finish and polish of the surfaces without lending it an overly glossed effect. A main factor while designing was the functionality and maintenance; hence, there are few minimum emphases on grooves and material junctions.


The surface of the inner hall is a sober beige. The contrast to this approach to surface treatment comes as the light elements in the space. Designed as a juxtaposition of frames, planes and solids, the light element combines brass, acrylic light and wood. The controlled perforation on the dark brass plate reveals the light underneath as two rows of illuminated yellow orifices. One can sense the subtle attempt at ornamentation through material expression and exploration. Additional accent lights come as a pair of C shaped acrylic frames set delicately on the columns.


The existing furniture was refurbished with upholstery suitable to the new, softer colour palette. To bring playfulness in space; contrasting element like classic metal chairs were paired together with fully upholstered sofas instead of conventionally grouping the same type of furniture together.


The colour palette is compiled of neutral colours of whites, greys and beige with breaks of bright blue and yellow through back painted mirrors.


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